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Main landing screen can be switched from button to list format with your choice of default.


All 40 MyChart screens function and look exactly like your existing generic MyChart app
but can be accessed from easier to understand landing screen buttons.
Maps and directions are accurate to each facility door with Uber/Lyft and Google Places integration.
Patients can get rides and directions to POIs around your facilities.
Search doctors from your database and book appointments in the Epic backend using Epic APIs.  
Doctor data can be accessed directly from your CMS including video of each doctor if available.
Animated Marketing Carousel on Landing Screen can be changed in minutes using an
Admin website where images, text and links from your website can be edited.
OpenAI ChatGPT Chatbot with Admin Panel to edit knowledgebase and Desktop Panel to transfer to human chat.
Bill Pay from your website, view and communicate with the patient's
CareTeam and change App and MyChart Settings.
Social Media integration, Donations and Health System News.